Is Logic Blocking Your Path To Success?


If you have been trying to meditate or use positive affirmations to realize goals or dreams and you’re not having much success, your logical brain may be getting in your way. It makes sense when you think of it. Your logical brain has gotten you where you are today and suddenly you’re asking it to stop and take a leap of faith into the spiritual abysses. Can’t do it. Won’t do it. So, there you sit trying to quiet the monkey chatter while meditating or arguing that “You are rich, You are rich, You are rich!”  You can’t bully your brain, nor can you negotiate with it. However, you can convince it.

Come join me at the 5th Annual On Purpose Woman Conference on Oct 21 & 22, 2016, at the Conference Center at the Maritime Institute, MD, where I will be speaking on How to Use Your  Journal to Tune Into the Universe to Get Answers, Find Solutions & Achieve Your Goals.

I have been journaling for 35 years and have developed a 3-step process, which has resulted in amazing results. I will show you simple and elegant ways to convince your logical brain to sit back and enjoy the ride. I have been a proponent of helping women throughout my career and I would like to share some of the knowledge and insight I have gained over the years to help women cut through the maze of information bombarding them in today’s society and provide them with a mobile sanctuary: The Journal.

Every participant will get their own journal.

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Join The Tribe


I recently joined a group of amazing women called On Purpose Women, created by phenom Ginny Robertson. I moved from Los Angeles to Maryland not long ago — in another blog I’ll explain why, but know I love it— and the OP group has been just the thing for getting grounded in a new region.

I’ve always found women’s groups to be very supportive and helpful in my career. When I was on the board of the California Small Business Owners Association, not only did I make lifelong friends, but I found resources and got ideas for running my  own public relations firm in Beverly Hills

More than ever, women need a place they can go to commiserate. Over the centuries, women have traditionally gathered together for fellowship, commeradere and support.  Once a month, Ginny holds coffee meetings all over the state.   You can participate for free, 3 times before deciding whether you want to join. For more info go to 

Life Is Not A Straight Shot


One of my favorite books is Po Bronson’s “What Should I Do With My Life?” In his book, Po set out to discover if there was a formula to finding one’s passion. After interviewing hundreds of people who had found their passions, he came to the conclusion there was no formula. Too bad, wouldn’t it have made our lives so much easier? But, his research did reveal that there was a common denominator among these people. They all had said they reached their goal through a circuitous route of twists and turns in their lives and careers that was necessary to find their passion for a particular field.

I was reminded of this when I got an invitation from the USC Schwarzenegger Institute inviting me to the celebration of the 10th Anniversary of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signing the landmark Global Warming Solutions Act (AB 32), which established greenhouse gas emissions targets for the state.

I served on the personal staff of Governor Schwarzenegger for six years and the passing of this legislation was one of the highlights of my career. When I graduated from Penn State with a major in Environmental Relations, my desire to help save the planet was put on the back burner when I landed a job as a newspaper reporter. From there I went into public relations, public affairs and dallied in non-profits, doing work that made a difference and touched many people, but not connecting me to the environment. I figured it wasn’t in the cosmic equation, though I never lost the desire to preserve this beautiful planet. Then through a series of events, I was given the opportunity to work for a Hollywood mega-star, who had just been elected governor of California. Little did I know that I had accepted a position with someone who would emerge as a world leader in addressing Climate Change and saving the environment. The Governor not only signed historic environmental regulations, he held symposiums, bringing together experts from all over the world to formulate solutions to our environmental issues.

Newly elected President Obama spoke at the first forum via satellite and some people cried. Guests that I had invited told me it was life-changing.  Governor Schwarzenegger went on to promote solar energy, a clean ocean act,  established a preserve to protect 25 million acres of pristine land, and more. Passing AB 32 legislation was an uphill battle. I, along with others, worked day and night, fighting off fossil fuel proponents, who wanted to kill it and critics, who said it would severely hurt the economy.  At one point it occurred to me that the Governor, who in the movies had fought to save the world, was now in real life fighting to save the planet and I was part of this action-filled reality show. It was a remarkable experience.

As it turned out, the doomsayers were wrong. Over a half million green energy jobs have been created since the passage of AB32 and California’s GDP growth rate has been double that of Texas and the U.S.

Some people will say I was lucky. I don’t believe in luck anymore. It’s not a gift from the gods, it’s a state of mind. Experts say only 10% of life is random.

In future blogs I will explore one’s ability of tuning in to that other 90% to attain your goals.   Stay-tuned.